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3D game picture screensaver  v.2.04

3d game screensaver product of We have huge collection of various fine screensaver. Young people of the world like to play 3d game in their home computer their free time. 3d game is a fantastic game and very popular game by the

A 3D Game use Ogre MITA OIS  v.1.0

A 3D game use Ogre for Graphics Engine,MITA for Audio Engine and OIS. Ogre and OIS we already know is very famous.MITA is a Audio Engine can be used to game and all kinds of audio process.It's high efficient,high quality and very

ES 3D Game SDK  v.0.4.2

The Embedded Systems 3D Game Software Development Kit, short ES 3D Game SDK, is an Open Source 3D Game Engine / SDK for embedded devices based upon OpenGL

Grand Unified 3D Game Engine  v.0.3.0

A universal 3D game engine designed to be portable, powerful, flexible, and easily extendable through an extensive plugin

LibSmog Real-Time 3D Game Engine  v.32

Libsmog is a flexible 3D game engine written in C++. It has been designed from the ground up to provide a dynamic, performance oriented, flexible, multi-player, easy to implement audio and visual

Open 3D Game Engine  v.1.0

This project started as my own work learning and cultivating my skills developing a highly efficient, open source 3D game engine for Windows systems. Benchmarking and code efficiency are the corner stones of the

Moon 3d Game-Engine  v.1.0

The moon 3d Game-Engine is intended to become a full-featured 3d game engine (FPS) with single- and multiplayer support.

Ogre 3d Game Simulator  v.1.0

Using the ogre 3d game engine this simulator enable a company test security systems and emergency situacion to prevent future damages.

Essence 3D Game Engine  v.0.10

Essence is a 3d game engine being written in C++ for the Windows platforms.The engine is an efficient but easy-to-use toolkit for developers wishing to create games, prototypes or visualisations.It will provide programmers with a library which man

Habitat 3D Game Engine  v.1.0

Habitat is my experiment at making a simple OpenGL based 3D game engine. I am interested in learning how parts of a game engine work together. My main goal is to create a flexible engine that can be used for many types of games.

Pick Up (Unity 3D game) Looking for devs  v.1.0

Pick Up is a desktop game made in Unity 3D using JavaScript and Unity Script. We are looking for developers. If you want to become one send me a Email at with the subject "Pick Up Game Dev" Feel free to download our project files

Commando 4 - Pakistan's 1st 3D Game  v.1.0

Commando 4 is the Pakistan's First 3D First Person Shooter Game

Cross Platform 3D Game Engine  v.1.0

Cross platform 3D video game engine.Supporting:Apple Mac OS X (Tiger) v10.4.x - (Carbon/OpenGL/AGL)Microsoft Windows XP SP 2 - (Win32/OpenGL/DirectX(Optional))(Optional) Linux - (OpenGL)

NAMC - A 3D Game Engine  v.3

NAMC - New version is based on Ogre3d, Ogrenewt & Newton game dynamics, and raknet. Slowly becoming an open mmorpg client/server. SVN Version supports PLSM2 for vast terrains and fast scene switching, and DotScene for general configuration of the ...

ClayTek 3D Game Library & Editor  v.1.0

ClayTek is a 3D games library based on SDL and OpenGL. It is being developed simultaneously with an Editor that uses FLTK, and is being developed under linux (Slack 9.0).

Force4Magix (Multiplayer 3D Game)  v.0.5

The system is divided into two parts: the client and the server. Clients at different geographic locations in the network connect to a single server by specifying its IPv4 address. The user gets into the system using his/her username and password. ...

Divlib 3D Game Library Div Games Studio  v.1.0

DivLib is a library for make games, with the DivGames Studio instruccions. Is too easy for use! Try it!

3D Moon Games  v.1.7

3D Moon Games is not your typical 3D Game. Play without those funny red and blue glasses, but better with ! This freeware game is called "Moon Command",with the Full Version of 3D Moon Games, you get 3 more 3D games on CD with a pair of 3D Glass

Crazy Racing Cars  v.2.0

This" class="desclink">fabulous 3D game will put you to a test of speed and skill on a variety of terrains and roads. A number of bonuses will help you win and various difficulty levels will help you improve, participate in tournaments and win the grand prix.

Chicks Gone Wild  v.2.0

A 3D game for kids of all ages (ages 2 to 92). Your Frog loves balloons, and there are balloons scattered all over these winding jungle roads. The more balloons you gather, the more points you get. However, watch out for those Crazy Amazon Chicks.

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